Colpo di Fulmine

Colpo di Fulmine

Coplo di Fulmine


Colpo di Fulmine is an intimate serie images in which themes such as vulnerability, darkness, blasphemy, passion and comfort are combined in a thematic and symbolic way. The subject can be obscure or severe but touches a sincere emotion or sentiment.

An unexpected but decisive moment of absolute beauty, surprisingly powerful and intense in emotion. Intertwined and inseparable.

Cyanotype printing

The base of the work is often a cyanotypeprint which will be bleached, toned and reprinted. The prints cannot only be defined as photographic it is a combination of alanloge printing techniques, combined with acrylic paint, charcoal and Indian ink.


Luminosity awaits me as I travel through the darkness.

Cyanotype print 30 x 40 cm


” One comes to bless the absolute bareness, feeling that here is a pure beauty of form, a kind of ultimate harmony.” ( George Leigh Mallory )

Cyanotype blue 47 x 31 cm


The strength in numbers phenomenon comes in all shapes and forms. Strengthening the individual in decisiveness.

Cyanotype bleached 25 x 45 cm


The vulnerability of the heart opens one’s mind.

Cyanotype toned brown 30 x 20 cm


“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood.” The person you truely are can be blackened by the people who surround you.

Cyanotype print 40 x 40 cm


The moon refllects the person you are when you are alone and no one is around. The soul will be lit by the people you embrace.

Cyanotype print 40 x 40 cm


The silence of resurrection and rebirth.

Cyanotype 20 x 30 cm


A portrait of the unborn, the centre of Creation.

Cyanotype 20 x 30 cm


A sadness falls upon me while I ponder on what has been.

Cyanotype black 30 x 45 cm


I am not a religious man.

Cyanotype 27 x 35 cm


Cyanotype deep brown 40 x 40 cm


A feeling of uncertainty leaves me restless.

Cyanotype 33 42 cm



The vigor and strength of spirit.

Cyanotype red brown 20 x 30 cm



I admire the simple things and contemplate complicated matters open hearted.

Cyanotype print, double exposed 47 x 47 cm


A dead bird marks a new beginning and symbolizes a metaphorical death as opposed to a physical death.

Cyanotype blue 40 x 40 cm


Broken wings.
Emotionally scarred, damaged beyond the point of repair.

Cyanotype blue 40 x 40 cm


Well love is real and will not fade away.

Cyanotype red brown 20 x 30 cm


Come close and be inquisitive.

Cyanotype brown 32 x 47 cm

I would like to ask you to share this “small virtual exhibition” among as many of your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances and other interested people as possible. You would greatly help me to draw attention to my work and pass along some passion and art in these difficult times.


If you are interested and would like to receive additional information, please feel free to contact me.




The emptiness of passersby

Catch of the day

Catch of the day

Catch of the day

Catch of the Day

My cat is a hunter and she regularly catches birds outside of my studio. When the hunt is over, silent witnesses are left behind of what happened. The images show the beauty of what is left behind.

The Cyanotype is a direct print of a 40 cm x 40 cm transparent negative on qualitative aquarelle paper exposed to direct sunlight. Cyanotype blue is a truely magnificant color.

Despite the fact that the print is made in editions, each print is different and an unique work.

Limited Editions /25  version: 40 x 40 cm

Catch of the Day # 1 Broken wing, 40 x 40 cm.

Catch of the Day # 2 Jackdaw, 40 x 40 cm.

Catch of the Day # 3 Parakeet, 40 x 40 cm

Catch of the day # 4 Red Snapper, 40 x 40 cm.

Cyanotype prints on aquarelle paper




Quietlands #2

Polder, 50 x 70 cm , FineArt FibaPrint paper

Quietlands no:1

Beach, 50 x 70 cm , FineArt FibaPrint paper.

The land of empty